Awesome Contemporary Beach House with Elegant Appearance

Elegant beach building appearance can be created well by maximizing concept of contemporary beach house. This architecture concept is developed successfully in Contemporary Malibu home project that is modified by Owen Dalton Masterbuilder 77. White house exterior theme combined with exotic wooden construction with natural wooden feature is used perfectly to design house exterior appearance beautifully. The design combination will create special house concept that has interesting exterior theme.

Minimalist white building design looks so elegant because of elegant balcony design that is modified this building. Elegant balcony style designed well by using glass fence design looks so interesting to be combined with white building construction designed modernly.

Elegant glass material is used to design exclusive balcony concept so it looks so beautiful from outside. It is as one of applications of contemporary beach house plans to design minimalist building in order to look more elegant. Beautiful beach view in front of main house actually becomes additional house decoration.

Exotic wooden deck feature placed properly in front of house living creates artistic exterior decoration that looks more awesome. Redwood construction is used well to design the deck so it will have perfect exotic deck concept. White exterior decoration placed in the deck will create elegant exterior concept that has exotic deck feature. Large umbrella design is also applied to design comfortable outdoor space that has elegant appearance to be added with design of glass fence used to design the deck.

Comfortable balcony space is also made in this project. It is created by designing balcony space by using comfortable furniture supported by comfortable furry rug style that has minimalist style. Comfortable relaxing bed placed in outdoor space can be used perfectly to relax while enjoying beautiful outdoor view surrounding. All of them can be categorized into modern beach house plans decorates beach house building elegantly, modernly and stylistically.

Image By : Owen Dalton Masterbuilder77

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