Awesome Fireplace Mantels in Decorating Home Interior

Stylizing a house with fireplace in each style, we should also consider about the Fireplace Mantels in order to make it well matched. The design of this mantel of fireplace is various. We can find it in this article because we have some ideas in this review about the decorations. The mantel of fireplace is also stylized in various frame design, materials, and sizes. If you want to get further ideas, let’s check the design right here.

Here are some designs and details that are included in this posting. The fireplace mantels shelves are some of the mantels that are favorite thing. The designs should be well stylized. The first look is the neutral mantel of fireplace in white color.

The other decoration is by applying some brown ornaments on the mantel with small fireplace hole in grey outlining. This kind of fireplace is situated in beach living room style. Then, if we want to get rustic style, wooden materials can be the best choice. As here the frame of the fireplace is made of caramel color wooden material with some printed plaid decorations.

To make the fireplace decoration more enchanting, we can add some ornaments around the fireplace. They can be the wall painting such as in the contemporary living room with white concrete mantel of fireplace. Some design of modern fireplace is framed with white or simple mantel.

Yet, the decorations are stylized in different. Such as here, the decoration includes long transparent curtain above the fireplace and the shelves in left and right side of the fireplace. This kind of fireplace is applied in lighter living room with striped yellow and blue sofas with additional chic flower on the puff table.

Dealing to this situation, how is your opinion of this fireplace design and mantel? Are you fond of the one in this article? If you are still looking for some ideas, we can get the further information and designs right here. The information about fireplace mantels shelves designs can be important for us who want to build new fireplace design.

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