Awesome Mediterranean Style Hotel with Spectacular Views

If you love Mediterranean style, you can go to Santorini Island and find Grace Santorini Hotel. That hotel was designed by Greek Studio Divercity Architects has awesome Mediterranean design. It is located in one of the most wonderful places on earth. You can see the picture that the hotel is at the hills face the existing ocean views. The exterior of this hotel is dominated in white color, create minimalist and cleans look which blends with the ocean views.

This hotel not only has one swimming pool, you can find several pools here. The main pool is the massive one, made of rectangular white rectangular tile topped by a concrete deck. That deck is also completed with white couch for sunbathing.

In this deck area you can see spectacular views over the surrounding ocean it can be the wonderful experience sunbathing overlooking oceans views. The other pool is located in every suite room, a private pool for the guest. You can see the Mediterranean style architecture in interior and exterior of this hotel is really blends with the landscape here.

White color is not only in exterior design but also in interior design. You can see the interior design of the room in this hotel is dominated in white color. Every room in this hotel has authentic decor ideas, so you will not boring. We will review one example of interior design room in this hotel.

Actually the room is not too big, but the decoration of this room makes the roomy effect here. As we know that the interior design of this hotel is dominated in white color, the hotel room is also dominated in white color. That make cleans and sophisticated look here.

Every room in this hotel is composed by big size comfy bed, mini living room, bathroom, cupboard, and study table. Every room is completed with window and door that face the existing ocean views, so every time you want to see heaven on earth, all you need is just open the window. That is some reviews about this hotel, how do you think about the Mediterranean style architecture characteristics do you like it?.

Image By : Divercity Architects

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