Awesome Minimalist Apartment Design: The Beauty of Simplicity

It seems that minimalist apartment is one of the most relevant living space that we can have in modern era right now. Well, as we all know that we are all facing a big problem, a space problem. The people, however, try to overcome that problem by creating vertical living space, the apartment.

There are so many amazing apartment designs that we can usually find in big cities and one of those apartment designs is this small apartment design in Singapore. This outstanding small apartment design is developed by Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates and it is possibly able to become the example of how you can set a one-room apartment.

The minimalist apartment ideas are something that has been develops for years right now. It seems that this nice small apartment design is using all of the ideas that developed in last few years in order to be able to develop this kind of design.

There are few parts of this astonishing small apartment design that will able to show you the design that develop in this great small apartment design and one of those parts is the minimalist living room. This is a highly minimalist living room that supported by only one sofa and a big LCD TV. It is very simple, isn’t it?

The master bedroom is also the part that will show you the simplicity of this perfect small apartment design. There are only few main design elements that exist in this room. That is the idea that use by the designer of this adorable small apartment design, reducing the design element by focusing on high functional element like bed, sofa and TV.

The simplicity of this awesome small apartment design is something that makes it so beautiful, indeed. Minimalist apartment design in the heart of Singapore is indeed something that able to show how minimalism overcomes the space problem.

Image By : Kyle Spivey Designs

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