Awesome Modern Luxurious House Design: Helena House

Modern style design is always strongly affiliated with minimalist design, but not with this modern luxurious house design. This is the type of house that affiliated modern style with luxurious touch that comes from classical house values.

There are some modern style home designs that able to show that kind of mix style and one of those houses is this Helena House. This stunning contemporary home design is located in Houston, Texas and it is manufactured by StudioMET Architects. This superb modern style home design has all the style that every modern home creation wants to add, simplicity and luxury.

This modern luxurious house plans is all about enabling the opportunity of luxurious style to be perfectly blend with modern design. There are few parts in this awesome modern style home design that will able to show the result of the combination and one of those parts is the minimalist swimming pool in the backside of the house.

This is not an ordinary swimming pool. It is one of the most important aesthetical parts in this house that significantly contribute the taste of luxury to the modern home structure. As we all know that swimming pool is oftentimes associated with luxury, which is why this swimming pool is very important to the house aesthetical development.

The other part of this perfect modern style home design that will able to show the design character of the design that develop in this house is the modern minimalist style living room design. This is a modern style living room design, but there is a strong luxurious element that we can find in this space setting and that element is contributed by the rugs and the selection of the sofa.

This gorgeous modern style home design is one of the evidences of the successfulness of modern and luxurious design combination. Modern luxury house designs in Houston can indeed become such a great example of design for any other home creation, isn’t it?

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