Awesome Modern Residence with Large Spread of Beach Sands

Well, you are about to read an article talking about a modern residence with beach sands applied as the ground. This house is a project of studio Grosfeld van der Velde. There shall be some pictures about this creation which shall be described as well.

Firstly, the picture shows you about the house look. Here you can see that this is an inspired beach home with amazing exterior. You can see the building’s shape looks simple but very contemporary with glass panels applied. The panels’ frames are colored black. There is wooden patio as well. Well, here you see the ground is sandy.

Next, you are facing the second image that shows you the house’s appearance from a bit long distance. A spread area of sands looks like the one that is available on the beach. There is a curvy path with rustic appearance. Find also modern residence designs.

The next picture is about the house look looks from an angle making you see the corner of the house. You see the glass panel available on the left wall looks gorgeous with modernity. Behind the building, you can find wooden fence available.

Well, the sandy area here looks natural with nice design applied. In the next picture, here you can see the house from another corner. From here, it seems that there is glass paneling applied on the back part of the house. You know, the patio of the house applies floating design.

In the fifth image, here you can see the building part that is the garage. There is a curvy path to the garage with huge amounts of sands. You know, the fence in the in the third image is a rustic wooden fence. Well, you see the garage design applies built-in lamps as well. Now, the last one is about the glass panels with amazing look. Through the panel here, you can see the large room of the building. Find also modern house designs furthermore.

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