Beautiful African Style Design Resort in South Africa

This is one example of African style design resort that will makes you happy being there. The beautiful interior design is not easy to find. You just need to be in South Africa and stay in this wonderful resort. We can call this resort as “œplace of miracles”.

This place is combination between African heritage and the European contemporary furniture. So you don’t have to worry about the interior design here. The resort is extraordinary and has luxurious touch of European architecture.

In this resort you will feel the real wildlife combine with luxurious African style, such a great combination isn’t it?. Come inside the room to see the African style design interior. The room is dominated in terracotta color, completed with wooden furniture. The unique thing about the furniture is you can find some detail of African look there. Like in the bathroom that has some authentic African artwork in the freestanding shower that brings the extra African atmosphere there.

In lobby area, the African look is feels more here. You can see the wooden chairs in that lobby are completed with African pattern cushion that splash the room. Massive brick fireplace in that lobby is combination between European contemporary look and the African style. That fireplace is really great. You can also find African standing lamp in that lobby which really burst the look.

Every room in this resort has authentic interior design. So each other room decoration is different. But the same thing about the room is the size and the bamboo roof that create extra African look there. The bed and the furniture in this room is still combination between contemporary and African look.

You can see that the bed is in simple platform but with some sculpture of African style on it. That is one example of modern African style interior design hopefully you can take some inspiration from this article.

Image By : Singita

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