Beautiful Bright Apartment Interior with Exotic Touch

White apartment interior can be categorized into interior apartment concept that uses concept of bright apartment interior perfectly. It is as a strategy that is usually done to create a modern apartment interior feature. White interior color theme is applied elegantly to design modern apartment that is made in modern residence project that in New Jersey. Concrete interior wall looks so bright and modern to be designed by using soft white color scheme.

Exotic interior touch applied in this project is by applying dark gray color design to decorate some interior decorations so it will look more artistic to be combined with white color domination applied.

To apply gray color design together with white color scheme to design house interior actually becomes concept of apartment interior decorating that will change interior space to look more exotic, classic and artistic. This interior decoration design is developed successfully by Jensen C. Vasil Architect which modern apartment interior is modified classically and exotically by using gray decoration color theme.

Dark gray stylish sofa is applied well to design living room in this project. It will look more interesting to be combined with gray wooden interior stair that is also applied artistically in a house interior space.

Both of them become special interior decoration that is made in this project which it will look so stylish and elegant to be combined together with white interior color theme. Exotic furniture touch is also created by applying exotic redwood desk that is also well to design living room in this project.

Carve interior decoration style is also used well to design interior space beautifully. For instance, modern fireplace mantel is designed by using white color design that is carved artistically.

In addition, classic carved design is also used interestingly to design interior space by decorating interior stair by using gray wooden material that is modified classically by using carved design. All of them will be apartment decorating tips that will decorate modern apartment artistically and classically.

Image By : Jensen C. Vasil Architect

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