Beautiful Contemporary Apartment With Open Floor Plan Design

SoHo apartment is a great example of contemporary apartment which has unique and beautiful appearance. This contemporary apartment can be found in New York. The apartment is reflecting a comfortable place to be stayed in. It is a great idea because many people want to stay in this kind of beautiful apartment.

The open floor plan is applied beautifully in the wonderful house of SoHo apartment. You can find the livable space which contains a living room and a family one. The contemporary apartment designs are reflected in the beautiful interior design of the SoHo apartment. The contemporary touch is improved by the application of wooden floor as it can create harmonious atmosphere in this house apartment. It looks so nice painted in brown color. There is also a book shelf with many books beautifully arranged there. There are also many chairs with different shape and functions. They are really practical as the chairs for reading and chairs for dining.

Look at the following kitchen picture. It shows a beautiful design for a house kitchen. Sophisticated design is reflected in this private kitchen. It can be seen in the use of modern touch in designing the kitchen. The lighting scheme in the kitchen space is also designed beautifully. The apartment has two bathrooms and three bedrooms. It is designed in contemporary design style. Natural color is painted in the private bedroom. Contemporary touch can be seen in using wooden floor. White bed color looks so comparable in the dark color on the floor and wallpaper behind the bed. In the bathroom, it is designed in modern touch using modern furniture. White accent always becomes the comfortable bathroom paint.

The contemporary style is suitable with the nice concept applied in the private apartment. The design concept is really beautiful . The contemporary apartment design ideas above are brilliant ideas for your house interior.

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