Beautiful Duplex House Using Simple Design

Building duplex house can be made in any designs. The building of this design can be made related to the house owners want. The beautiful house using duplex design can be look at Sunshine Beach Renovation house. This house is made by Soul Space.

The location of this house is in Sunshine Beach. It is located in a suburb in Noosa. It is one of the areas in Queensland, Australia. The building of this house is looking simple looking from in front of the house. This house is also built in medium size. It is not small and also not big.

The duplex house design of this house is made using simple design. The white color is used for the wall exterior design. The aluminum material is also used as the wall exterior design that is applied in the second floor. The using of this color makes this house looks beautiful.

The other color used at this house is brown color. This is used for the door color. The simple design of this house is also can be seen from the roof. The roof of this house is made in triangle shape. The roof tile of this house is also using white color.

The interior design of this house is made using bright color to create bright room. The beige color is used for painting the wall, floor, and also ceiling. The glass material is used for the railings of the second floor.

Meanwhile, the wooden material is used for the stairs material. The furniture used in this house is simple. Sets of sofas are put in the living room. The simple furniture is also can be found in the kitchen. At the kitchen, there are white cabinet, aluminum wasteful and also wooden chairs.

To make the room does not dark, the lamps are used as the lighting. There are many small lamps put on the ceiling of the rooms. Choosing duplex house interior designs is very important to make beautiful room.

Image By : Soul Space

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