Beautiful Garden Design Idea for Colorful Garden Setting

Having such a lovely garden design will able to make your home looks more beautiful, indeed. Well, there are only few people right now that have the privilege of having such a beautiful garden because of modern space problem. However, there are some amazing garden setting ideas that possibly able to become the basis design for people who have it and one of those ideas is this Colorful Garden Setting. T

his wonderful garden setting idea is developed by Harold Leidner Company ‘€“ Landscape Architects and it is the part of beautiful classic style home design that developed by the same designer and constructor.

The garden design plans are not the only one that makes this astonishing garden setting idea very special. There are many other things that make this nice garden setting idea looks so beautiful and one of those things is the existence of round shape outdoor sofa.

This nice sofa design is one of the elements that develop colorful palette in this garden. This sofa is equipped with colorful cushion design. Well, this sofa is not really a sofa; it is a concrete chair that equipped with by sofa-like bolster. This concrete chair uses for the relax area in this middle of the garden.

The small fountain in the one of the corners of this perfect garden setting idea is also the thing that makes this garden very special. The design of this river-like fountain is easy to create, but the existence of this fountain helps to increase the natural atmosphere in this adorable garden setting idea.

This gorgeous garden setting idea is one of the best gardens setting idea that you can find right now. It can, indeed, become such a great design basis for other garden creation, isn’€™t it? Garden design ideas have to be able to make the garden space able to a design element for the house.

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