Beautiful Home Restoration Project with Comfort Interior Design

Find a beautiful home restoration project by DMVF Architects and see how beautiful the house is. You should see the project of House Extension & Remodel, Co Wicklow by DMVF Architects and see a beautiful Victorian house. From the outside, you can see a beautiful Victorian house with soft pink wall paints around the house. This two-story house has a classic exterior design with stunning home interior design. Now, let us explore the interior side of the house.

The architects want to show the homeowner about a comfort home restoration design. You can feel comfort if you step inside to the house and see the interior design of the house. You can see the concrete arch at the hall entry of the house. Go further and you can find the living room area in this house. There is a comfort living room design with a set of modern sofa design in white color. You can see the bay window as the background of the living room.

You can see a classic fireplace design with brass mantle. There is a classic wooden desk right beside the fireplace that looks beautiful with slim cantilever. It has classic dining room design with long wooden dining table. You can see the carving at the edge of the table and it makes the table looks beautiful. There are some wooden chairs around the table. You can see a wooden cabinet right beside the dining table with transparent unique bottles on it.

You also can find an informal dining area at the house. You can see a modern glazed dining table with modern leather chairs. There is a black chandelier hanging on the ceiling above the glazed table. You have to see many more rooms that represent a beautiful home restoration idea by DMVF Architects that makes the homeowner feel comfort at home.

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