Beautiful Villa in Bali Displaying Opulent in Comfort

What to hate from this beautiful Casa Hannah, a villa in Bali? Located in one of the most popular places in Bali, this luxurious villa in Seminyak will charm you with its elegant beauty that gets along in harmony with the wonderful natural landscape. Since vacation villa built in Bali is really famous with its soothing and peaceful vibe, this incredible work of Bo Design is not an exception as well.

Walking into this beautiful luxurious villa, you will be greeted warmly by the warm and cozy atmosphere flowing seamlessly within this vacation home. The comfort of this luxury villa in Bali is beautifully built through the open interior that is wrapped in gorgeous warm and rich color. Yet, we give credits to the openness built to connect both indoor and outdoor living areas that will allow the fresh natural elements outdoors incorporated easily in every room.

Look at this beautiful villa from the cozy green yard. Consisted of two parts, both open living room and kitchen spaces are beautifully connected in harmony with the total openness created. Thus, you can see how easy it looks to share the comfort of one room to another. Refreshing outdoor swimming pool is cleverly placed between those two parts, allowing the calm and peaceful water feature to enhance the freshness of this vacation villa.

The bedrooms are perfectly isolated and hidden in inner part of this villa, making these private rooms perfectly shut to protect the privacy. However, it does not mean that the bedrooms cannot share the same comfort and freshness as the open living areas.

This carefully designed villa includes the fresh green home courtyard, where the bedrooms will open to this small outdoor space. The courtyard of this luxury villa in Bali Seminyak is even designed to be spacious enough, where cozy loungers are placed as an alternative to enjoy the beautiful sunny days of tropical Bali.

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