Best Luxurious Interior Design for Fulfilling High-end Living Style

Having luxurious interior design may be the dream of many people. If you do not find luxury in your house, you do not to worry. You can rent apartment which has luxurious interior. One of the inspirational luxurious apartments is located in London, to be approximately in Bayswater. The apartment has completed by Kelly Hoppen Interiors. It has gorgeous interior design. It is also suitable for private living.

Do you want to know more about this apartment modern interior design? Let us see this apartment in details. Well, actually, this apartment is dominated by the neutral colors like white and cream. Here you can also find the natural color of timber that can add beauty to the room design.

The choice of neutral colors is the best choice since they can create luxury to the room. Besides focusing on the use of colors in the apartment, the room designer also put some modern furniture. Yea, it has been known that the furniture is the most important thing that can really influence the entire room design.

The living room in this apartment is featured by some modern furniture. Here you can see cream sectional sofas then they are combined with striped pillows on it. Stylish crystal chandelier is floating above creating elegant look. There are also modern shelves to put some handicraft. How about the flooring?

Yea, this apartment uses laminate floor and it is in black color. Let us move to the kitchen. The kitchen looks so elegant with minimalist design. The black and white kitchen is featured by some white furniture such as white kitchen island with stools, white large pendant lamps, and also white table sink.

The other interesting part to see is the bedroom. This modern apartment has more than one bedroom actually. One of them is the one with minimalist design. The minimalist bedroom is featured by large bed, cream backdrop, two stylish chandeliers, and transparent curtain. It looks so beautiful then. Are you interested to transform your house to be modern home design like what you can see in the apartment?

Image By : Kelly Hoppen Interiors,,

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