Best Modern Apartment Design Inspired by Scandinavian Style

If you live in 21st century, you must deal with modernity including having modern apartment design as a part of your life. Apartment itself is symbolized the modernity of people. Previously, people live at home. Now, having apartment is a part of high-class lifestyle.

It does not talk about the need again but it talks about lifestyle. Modern people have modern apartment. Yea, it is a must. The design of the apartment can also symbolize the personality of the tenant. If you have modern design, it means that you are up to date. If you have the old designed then you should think twice to be modern people. That is the rule.

Skeppsholmen from Stockholm has completed modern apartment interior design that is inspired by Scandinavian duplex. The apartment stands on 112 sqm and it has three rooms inside. Large hallway can be found on the bottom level and it guide to the bedroom and to a large place for clothes and shoes. It is like a walk in closet.

Although it is not too large space inside but the designer has brilliant ideas of decorating the apartment and make it looks larger than it should be. You will find spacious feeling inside since it is designed in modern style.

Modern design is usually identical with minimalist interior design. That is what you can find inside this apartment. Here you can find an elegant bathroom which is located below. To reach the upper level of the apartment, you will be taken by the classic stairs. The stairs used beams in order to create comfortable atmosphere. In the upper level, you will find open plan living and dining space that looks so clean and bright with the natural light coming from the large glass windows.

The Scandinavian touch in this apartment is also clearly seen from the white painted walls combined with wooden beams and red sofa. It is perfect Scandinavian home. With all of its simplicity, the modern interior design of this apartment can be really inspirational.

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