Best Modern Hotel Interior Design; Unbeatable Hotel in Santorini

It may be common for you to see modern hotel interior design. Talking about interior design of the hotel you will think about the elegant rooms with elegant furniture inside the hotel. You will also be greeted by cozy atmosphere inside the room with dim lighting. The domination of the ceiling lamps is also a part of hotel interior design. But when the topic is going to be about Mystique hotel, do you have any ideas about this hotel? Let us see how this hotel looks like.

Mystique hotel is one of the hotels in Santorini is the realization of modern hotel interior design ideas. The hotel is situated on the cliffs namely Oia’s famed. The hotel has picturesque landscape of water. The background of this hotel is the Aegean Caldera.

This contemporary hotel consists of 18 suites. The house looks so unique in its exterior design. It looks like a cave but it is modern cave actually. The hotel is painted in white color. Both in its exterior and interior design of the house are all white painted.

Talking about the hotel, you cannot forget about the room. Here, let us talk about the single room in this hotel. The bedroom is a minimalist modern bedroom. This narrow bedroom is also all white painted. The room designer did not put too much furniture in the bedroom. Here, you can only find double bed with two table sides. The only furniture here is the mirror. The combination of dim lighting and white color can create cozy atmosphere to the bedroom.

The next room is the living room. The room is featured by artistic floor lamps, brown sectional sofas and flower pattern pillows. With the outdoor pool which is located at cliff’s edge, you can enjoy the nightfall here with someone special. This modern hotel room interior design is the one and only in the world.

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