Best Room Decorating Ideas; Inspirational Room Design in Beverly Hills

Do you have any room decorating ideas for your room? Well, having elegant room decorating or modern decorating is a dream of every people. They want to have beautiful room decorations so that they can live there comfortably. How does great room decoration look like?

You may need inspirational ideas for decorating your room. One that can be your inspiration is the exclusive residential in Beverly Hills. Here is the house which is designed perfectly by Amir Farr. It was designed firstly in 1973. Let us see the details of this house.

The mansion has great room paintings ideas. It uses neutral colors for decorating the house. Let us see the living room in this house. The domination of white color can be seen here. The white floor is combined with white furniture such as white sectional sofas and white chairs. Small round tables are put in the middle. In the living room, you can find stunning fireplace mounted in the stones wall. Meanwhile for the ceiling, it uses wooden ceiling with some ceiling lamps. Here, the use of large glass windows can add the beauty to the room. It will allow you to see the beautiful view outside the house. The large living room opens to green courtyard which can be private place for your family.

In this house you can also find Love sculpture which consists of LO over VE letters. It can be focal point to the room. Here you can also find artistic artworks in any room like hat you can find in the dining room. There are some paintings mounted on the wall.

Now, let us move to the bedroom. This is minimalist bedroom without too much furniture in it. In the bedroom, you can only find large bed set on the wool rug. It is so simple in design. The outdoor and indoor area is connected with terrace. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view outside the house. If you are curious with this house’s design, you can find room decorating ideas pictures in the internet websites.

Image By : Maxime Jacquet

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