Black Wide House for New Concept of Residence

This wide house is great for your large family. The huge size of the house can create cozy atmosphere for you. It also has dark color which can be new concept of living place. The choice of furniture also brings luxurious design for this house. Do you want to know more about this house review? Read this following article for more info.

This modern residence has rectangle shape with two floors. In the front of the house you can find awesome huge swimming pool. It can be the best spot for family gathering place on weekend. Look how awesome these wide house plans!

You also can invite your whole friend because the huge garage of this house can contain until five cars. Is that awesome? It also has huge garden that can be the perfect spot to held garden part or barbeque party. Imagine how comfortable this place as your private living space.

This house is made of concrete bricks which make this house looks unique and chill. This house also has glass sliding doors which are face to the swimming pool. It can make natural freshness enters the house every day. You can see the comfortable living room in the middle of the room until in the corner of the room. The living space has white couch which faces to the big LCD TV which is adhere to the black wall. Above the TV is available modern fireplace which is also stick on the wall. Look how awesome this design!

In the other corner of the room is set dining space. It has long wooden dining table which is combined with six white chairs which have black legs. The dining space faces to the glass sliding door which faces to the mini garden. This garden also looks great for you dining space. It can refresh the hot weather in the room. Let’ ™s have these wide house floor plans for your next living place!

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