Bold Modern Concept Residence with Lattice Wood Walls

Welcome to a beautiful residence in modern concept that is located in South Korea and designed by Polymur Architecture. This home is not located in the middle of the city but in the countryside. You will see the best modern exterior design with lattice wooden walls. Make sure you can explore this house from the outside and then go to the interior side of the house. Now, before you step in closer to the house, you should see the complete exterior side from the picture.

This two-story home building has the rectangle home shape in dynamic style. You will amaze with the exterior appearance of the house that has beautiful material mixture between wooden, concrete, metal, and glazed. If you go to the backside of the house, then you will see outdoor terrace at the second layer and stucco high wall. This residence shows you one of the most beautiful modern concept homes in rustic area.

Now, let you see the interior side of the residence. For your information, this home is an empty house and you may not see any home furniture inside the house. The interior absolutely shows you the modern minimalist design.

You will see long corridor inside the house with woodwork window at the right side and sliding glass window at the left side of the corridor. You will step on the wooden flooring material in dark color. The white wall paints and skylight ceiling in some parts of the house will make the house looks bright in the day.

The high ceiling design will give you the best air circulation inside the house. You will love to see the room divider that made from sliding woodwork door. It makes the house looks eye-catching and special than another home in this area. You will love to see every corner from this modern concept home design from the pictures.

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