Bright Dream House with Open Space Application

Having a dream house becomes every people imagination. They will plan it with a perfect design that suits to their own taste according to the atmosphere that they want to create for the living space. If you plan to construct your own ideal house with bright and spacious impression yet still confuse about how to apply this idea, here is one of Techne Architect’s project that utilizes the open space concept.

This Fitzroy House, as it is named, visually connected the new and old nuance to its entire interior design. Do not hesitate to copy the stunning home decor applied by this residence.

In the living hall, you can see a spacious home decoration that seizes the modern interior design. The architect displays the white sectional sofa with recliner that becomes the owner’s space to invite his or her guests.

The bright yellow and soft violet cushions are deliberately arranged on the sofa to deliver the eye catching look. Watch the unique chandelier which beautifies the room so much. This living room of dream house plans also utilizes the large glass wall as well to enable the natural sunlight to illuminate the house directly.

While the sectional brings the new look, the round woodsy table and TV cabinet countertop deliver the classic impression to the space. The architect has successfully blended this two different looks into a lovely room decor. In the meantime, this living space is integrated with dining area. This room design idea indeed becomes the recently trend in contemporary house.

Step into the kitchen area, we can see the bright as well as minimalist cooking space ornamentation. The kitchen cabinet is really beautiful when it combines the clear white tone for the racks and solid black color for the glossy quartz countertop. You will have a fun cooking in this space since you can see the refreshing natural landscape outside through the glass window. This luxury dream house plans is really much recommended for you.

Image By : Techne Architects

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