Bright Modern Penthouse Interior with Stunning Theme Design

Stunning interior theme can be used well to design house living that has modern appearance such design of modern penthouse interior that applies bright color theme perfectly. This decoration concept is reflected well to design stunning penthouse decoration project so it will be able to create contemporary penthouse appearance that has comfortable impression. Related to this design plan, Ando Studio modifies house interior space by using white color scheme.

White large modern sofa is applied well to design living room modernly. It will be so suitable to be combined with white color design applied fully to modify interior wall and ceiling.

White LED lamp decoration is also applied elegantly to decorate interior ceiling so it will help to create beautiful white color decoration concept. It is as penthouse design ideas that can be applied well to modify interior apace modernly and comfortably. White curtain design is also used well to decorate glass wall in order to look more beautiful and elegant.

Elegant large glass table is also used well to complete furniture decoration applied in living room. It looks so beautiful to be combined together with white modern sofa used well to design living room. In addition, large stylish rug is also used well to design living room which it has gray color feature that will create soft interior theme modified comfortably and brightly. Besides, stylish interior furniture that has elegant style is also used well to decorate interior space in this project.

Gray wooden feature applied to decorate interior wall looks so stylish to be used as television display board. It is as innovative wall decoration that can be applied well to decorate modern interior design that has stylish concept. White wall color looks more interesting to be combined with gray wooden design placed on the wall. All of them become concept of modern penthouse modified elegantly.

Image By : Ando Studio – Fine Art Rendering

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