Bright Scandinavian Apartment in White Color Domination

Welcome to a Scandinavian apartment that is located in Stockholm, Sweden. This apartment is standing on 936 square feet areas. You have to be focus on the interior side of the apartment. When you come inside, you will see open floor plan design for the main living area. The interior looks beautiful in white and black colors combination. The color tone looks contrast but beautiful. The living room looks calm and comfy. You will find modern sofa set in bright white color at the living room.

The dining area is located right in front the living area. You will find stylish white table as the dining table. There are eight barrel dining chairs that is made in two different materials. The first chair material is using plastic material with wooden cantilever while another one is using rattan material with silver cantilever. The Scandinavian apartment interior is a good combination between minimalist and modern style.

The kitchen looks beautiful with vintage pastel wallpaper that makes the room looks alive. The kitchen is simple but useful because you can find floating racks on the wall, the exhaust system, and the kitchen cabinet. You have the free access to open the glass door to the balcony area. Before you reach the door, then you will find wide glass windows that make the room looks bright in the day. You also will find modern low dresser under the glass window.

The balcony is a perfect place for you to sit down and relax. It has small balcony with wooden siding floor and long sofa that makes you feel comfort sit on the couch. The last room that you should see is the bedroom. You will see modern bedroom design in clear white color domination. There is comfortable long sofa under the window at the bedroom. The Scandinavian apartment interior design will make you feel comfort to stay here.

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