Captivating Contemporary Apartment with Simple and Colorful Design

An apartment which was designed by Studio 1408 is a contemporary apartment that has a beautiful combination of the style and functionality on its design. The apartment has been sitting on an over 150 square meters site in Bucharest, Romania. This apartment is applied with a white color scheme with its plain white ceiling and white concrete columns. The dark wooden floor adds a different color scheme inside this apartment.

This apartment has an airy room since there are not many room partitions utilized inside it. The contemporary apartment design also makes the room has so many empty space available due to the use of contemporary furniture that brings its practicality and simplicity.

Since there are not so many room partitions, the living area is connected directly with the open kitchen are. The living room has some unique sofas that have a rather bulky design to give the occupants utter comfort. The sofas come in goldenrod color that becomes a striking view in this white and wooden color schemed room. The sofas face two small coffee tables with white color.

While the living room has a striking color, the kitchen area has a darker color scheme with shiny black backdrop on its kitchen set and grey countertop on its kitchen island. The black backdrop covers some kitchen storage and also some kitchen appliances on it. The grey countertop placed on a wooden kitchen island that fits with the color of the wooden floor.

The wooden floor also adorns the bedroom of this wonderful apartment. The presence of goldenrod sofa also appears here. The bed has a sleek divan with white mattress on it. The use of purple blanket and purple pillows give the room an accent. This bedroom design will give the occupants a soothing mind. The contemporary apartment interior design incorporated in this house is really captivating with its color in simplicity.

Image By : Studio1408

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