Catchy Artistic House Juggled From Old-Fashioned Apartment into Modern Private Living Space

To build up an artistic house, a popular architect has combined both of arty and modern design as one in harmony. Once, this apartment has been designed by Adolf Loos. But now, Chubby House, a masterpiece from Edward Moore, the architect has a deal with modernity to remodeling this apartment construction from extremely old-fashioned into fabulous modern image. Wide, clean and fresh are main purpose to build an outstanding private shelter.

Wide and clean seems like a simple concept, but truly it needs more than seriousness and feeling. No half-hearted, stunning floral white and processed wood (plywood) has selected to fully produce artistic house designs inside. Heart of this private residence is the personal living spaces.

There are in-home library, bedroom and bathroom. These three rooms actually build in separated place and have uniqueness each. First, the in-home library is purposely arranged rightly next to the balcony outside. Open wooden stackable bookshelves that are installed as one with the wall has coupled by frisky yellow couch.

Walk steps upwards in the second floor; you will meet the shady minimalist bedroom in neutral packaging. What’s cute here is a vogue arrangement between bathing corner and sleeping nook in one considerable space. Private, it is so much private room for anyone who stays in this place. Imagine that peaceful white glass bathtub has installed next to the bed without any partition or divider. Chic!

Move towards to the bathroom, plywood sliding door has separated between the bedroom and this lavatory. Inside, you would meet ceramic tiles, multilayered wood and glass blends in harmony covering in bleached theme. Ceramic tiles have installed as flooring and wall, while the ceiling has let bare in white paint.

Frosted glass has pointedly settled as partition between showering corner vanity crook. Besides, white vessel at the vanity crook has sustained by floating cabinet that has dual-function as bathroom rack also. Hence, the arts and crafts house plans have critically shown by wood material that is used above.

Image By : Adolf Loos

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