Charming Austrian Village of Hallstatt In Modern Era

Many people love to visit Austrian village of Hallstatt, because it has many beautiful panorama. This beautiful panorama is patent by UNESCO for World Heritage. Therefore, we as the people have to keep the legend of heritage.

In this Hallstatt, we can enjoy the city by sitting in the benches that found in the middle street. These benches are made for people who get tired after their walking. The Hallstatt design is covered with many ornament plants. The purpose of this ornament plant is to help the world from global warming. The other panoramas are about the fish pool and the beautiful lake. And about the lake, it is the best part Hallstatt structure.

The Hallstatt decorated in the edge of the lake with the mountain panorama. This position makes the Hallstatt being the favorite vacation place for many people. Because of this beautiful panorama, many people do Hallstatt replica in their town, like the China town.

The most beautiful panorama of Hallstatt is about the building. The building has the own design which is made to three floor each building. The building is made in the central city which the city just for the pedestrian. No car that found in this Hallstatt, because the government made this city to create the calm city, no noisy of any car. China town replica also has done the same things with their building town.

China town make their own city use the Hallstatt structure in Austria. China has made many things for creating the Hallstatt in their town, such as the garden replica until the hill replica. For the lake, it looks the real lake, without any replica. For another decoration, China also has made the beautiful bridge like in Austria.

For others is about the garden, China has the beautiful garden in their town. Still about the Hallstatt, China also make this city for pedestrian area, no car inside the town. In sum, although it is just Hallstatt replica in China, it can make the same character with the original Austria Hallstatt.

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