Charming Contemporary Apartment Design of Westbourne Grove Church Conversion

DO Sarchitects, an architectural studio in London successfully created a very sleek and trendy contemporary apartment design with for an apartment which actually is two level inside a church named Westbourne grove church in Nothing Hill, London. With 4, 300 square foot as its size, this residence emerges very sleek and charming. White coloring becomes very dominant and creates a very spacious and pure atmosphere, along with some vivid and dynamic hues of furniture which produce a very chic and enchanting figure. And of course the present of wooden accent, make the apartment design eventually becomes very precise, calm and comfy in the same time.

Each room basically has a very whitish and modern form and emerges very appealing and trendy. White undoubtedly brings a modern outlook, and of course the sense of being simple but still trendy in term of living experience. This interior design of white as a main theme could be one of the most modest yet gorgeous contemporary apartment design ideas. In specific, the living room was created in a very deluxe and futuristic arrangement. All in white and neat, then a little bit accent of bright hues through beautiful rose and violet sofas, and then bright timber floors also produces some warm and passionate aura. The antique and traditional old ornament of church was removed, together with some modern additional furniture and accessories were added nicely, that was a very mature consideration in term of producing more modern and cozy aura for this living space.

The similar concept was also developed for other rooms such as the minimalist dinning area, the elegant whitish bedroom, the simple kitchen and also the modern bathroom. They are in a very beautiful white, along with light brown accent through concrete wood floors. This could be very promising prototype of modern minimalist arrangement with a perfect fusion of hues, white and a little bit vivid colors. Flooring, ceiling, furniture, and so on, they are very charming and creative in a simple white.

The choosing of furniture and cushion also emerges very mature, futuristic, precise, minimalist and has a high modernity. And of course the arrangement of that trendy and modern furniture also emerges as a ultimate point which enhance the sense of simple but modern within the apartment. One additional accent of sleek glass staircase also becomes very intriguing. Thus, this residence will precisely become one of the most attractive prototype of modern apartment design ideas with minimalist forms but still mature and has a warm and cozy atmosphere through the present of wood, glasses and some bright hues.

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