Charming Modern Interior Applied for Luxurious Home Design

Elegant home is the only design theme people would see in area of Beverly Hills, California. The modern interior is highly applied; looking gorgeous when exterior is also made in same theme. Sophisticated style is seen from greenery arrangement.

It has woodland and wide garden with stone pathway in the middle. Outdoor terrace is designed with wooden deck and two seating plans. First one is made by using upholstered sofa and armchairs in white finish, whereas the other one consists of classic chairs and table.

There is another outdoor setting too, which is from clear water of swimming pool with gray stone deck area. Comfy chaise lounge chairs are placed, along with sofa bed inside canes couches. Then, modern interior design concept is done to living room, which is arranged in front of gray fireplace with television screen mounted to wall above. Fluffy sofas in white color are used, together with folded chairs in black color and khaki cushions.

Lounge zone for family and friends consists of white plush sofas and some sofa beds. There are two black tables for giving stark contrast, also for two velvet ottomans in black tone. Put several magazines or reading books and beverages on table to accompany homeowner and other people. Personal space in second floor includes soft recliners and white armchairs, along with rounded wooden table. There is working area of long table in black paint and comfy black chair.

Kitchen space then has wooden cabinets and drawers for pastry area, whereas island area is designed with white drawers under white marble stone countertop. Build extension for bar area of wooden table. And then provide metal bar stools and comfy black cushions. Dining space has black table and white chairs, beautified with white flowers. For modern interior design ideas, install television screen in vanity area of bathroom.

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