Charming Ranch House of the Former Horse Stable

Sitio da Leziria is a ranch house in Alcacer do Sal, Portugal, created by Atelier Data. This house is located in the middle of a wide sandy landscape with wide sight of bushes overlay surround the building. This house has a lengthwise rectangular shape with prism roof and white paint wall cover up the building. Floor to ceiling glass walls also complete this house with white interior to make the bright nuance and give natural lighting flooding entire the rooms.

This house contains of a long hallway in the center of the building that connects from a side to the opposite side with rooms on its left and right side. This floor design is adapted the design in this ranch house remodel from a horse stable before. It was a rustic and dilapidated building, but the designer has made over it into a modern home and adapt to the human needs.

White covers up the entire entire house. The dining room two glass walls combine white wall hidden cabinets with glossy solid wooden table with iron leg white cushioned chairs around. White round shape hanging lamp decorates this dining area that is placed beside the living room that are separated by the hallway. White sectional sofa with blue pillows make the living room feels cozy and warm with thick rug below and a fireplace on the wall beside.

The corridor that connects each room has wooden doors to separate each area. These doors will give a private space for certain rooms such as the bedroom in the corner of the house. This bedroom with a bathtub on the other side in the same wide room has a bed with shelf in its square base and its headboard. White shades with bamboo frame covers the bed and makes this bedroom feel in a beach house theme. The combination of nautical style and its former horse stable will give the additional ranch house ideas for modern living.

Image By : Atelier Data

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