Cheerful Modern Hotel for Unforgettable Staying

The modern hotel is designed for the total relaxation to the guest. The hotel serves the guest as good as possible. It improves much aspect to get much visitor. One of the hotel use unique design to make the guest feel satisfy to stay in the hotel. Creative and unusual design is applied to get total relaxation in the hotel. This hotel is called Mama Shelter Paris that has been designed by Philippe Starck.

The room of the hotel is designed by solid color to get casual style in the room. Combined by the yellow color of the wall, the room becomes look more attractive and cheerful. This combination of the solid color and the yellow color is an impressive combination that makes the guest feels satisfied.

The white bed in the room gives balance nuance. The white among the solid color is interesting. The bed become looks striking in the room. This modern hotel design is also decorated by unique decoration. The artistic wall art above the bed is impressive.

A unique font design in the wall art gives special nuance in the room. The font wall art look like a mysterious puzzle that has to be solved. The lamps beside the bed are impressive. The lamp is formed by head of Batman design. The lamp becomes look attractive and unique.

The hotel is designed by different design from the other. The light sleep in every room is designed by different design. There are lamps that are designed by Batman, Mini Mouse or other cartoon figure. This lamp makes the room look more cheerful and beautiful. The designer use unique design to decorate entire the room. A unique floor gives different design to the room.

The room in the contemporary hotel is designed by unique style. Creative and cheerful decoration are applied to make the guest feel comfort and satisfied. The restaurant and the bar are designed by unique design too. It is designed by impressive and unique design. The modern hotel design interior has creative and exotic style.

Image By : Philippe Starck

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