Chic Apartment Interior by Green Decor Revealing an Eye-Catching

Egue y Seta sets a chic theme of apartment interior by green decor to catch the eye attention. It is a simple concept to include a single color as the main center of tinting the monotonous white background. Green leaves of the indoor plant accompany the sitting room white sofa which has the same fair color with the wall. The contract color reduces the blinding scene with the fresh leave manner. Big and archaic style of the light blue vase seems to be a nice planter for the decorative natural plant to grow.

Bringing small bamboo grower indoor, small green house becomes the brilliant idea to help setting up indoor eco-friendly decoration. It is suitable for urban living cave natural decorative item that can give fresh air and atmosphere inside the room. Furthermore, it is one of great apartment interior by green decor ideas in neoteric indoor design. The glass cage of the planters supports the dining and cooking space to have a separator from other functional space.

Green tube candles in triplet stand upon the wooden table of the dining furniture set. it creates an remarkable looking for the color strikes the dead color of the dining wooden table and stylish chairs. Over the dining space by the small green house separator, delicate and snowy bed has the green leaves plant incorporates decorating the bedroom by the balcony door. The planter gets a good place near the sunlight access by the door.

The bathroom presents a modern and artistic bathing space in the white hive motif of the wall tiles. Almost all the bathing furniture shows the white appearance. Green decors come in the decorative candles and other toiletries that diminish the tedious ambiance among the white. Those are several apartment interior by green decorating ideas in one of Barcelona compact residence.

Image By : Egue y Seta

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