Chic Modern Apartment Interior Decoration in Small Area

Applying a concept of modern apartment interior decoration with small area within, still can be a convenient place to be stayed. The compact arrangement with appropriate color tone, the small condominium will be looked larger and comfortable.

Bright color accent within the small interior is applied to reflect the light for fulfilling the entire interior apartment. Some dark accents can be some contrasting details to give an elegant outlook. This apartment has been designed with this concept to give a convenient living place within the small area. Here are some descriptions.

Living area is placed altogether with the kitchen. The modern small apartment interior style is showcased by using bright nuance of the wall and ceiling. White is used and combined with the warm accent of the wooden floor. This decoration reflects the incoming lighting that is continued by the glazed windows beside.

Modern sofas in pale color are placed on the colorful fur rug. At the front, glossy cabinets in black are placed above the hung cabinets and flat television. Beside it, colorful kitchen decoration is presented in modernity. Glossy red cabinets are combined with the white backsplash. Kitchen table with black countertop applies the contrasting nuance with the modern white chairs.

The loft is utilized as the bedroom with private working area. White is still used as the wall and combined with wooden floor. Working area uses the cozy arrangement. Wooden table and modern white chair are placed at the corner with modern hung bookshelf at another side. White rug is placed to convey the nuance.

Bedroom in minimalist decoration employs the white bed with wooden side table. Some pictures are hung behind the bed to reveal the elegant outlook. Elegant bathroom in white uses the glamorous ceramics as the wall. Combined with elegant wall decoration, this bathroom showcases its outlook elegantly. Wooden cabinets with ceramic decoration are used as the modern white sink. White tub is placed beside the shower room with surrounding glazed wall in translucent.

Within the small condominium area, the convenient design for home interior can be applied with the appropriate arrangement and decoration. The compact arrangement of the furniture surely gives you a comfortable place to be stayed.

Bright accent that is presented by the bright color decoration really enhances the cozy and convenient nuance when it is combined with the modern interior decoration. Minimalist decoration with appropriate furniture can reveal the comfortable and spacious interior. This modern small apartment interior design can be a good example of designing a comfortable condominium within the small area.

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