Chic Wooden Interior Residence on Wairau Valley of New Zealand

Parsonson Architects designs a contemporary house which has wooden interior presenting a pleasurable living home upon Wairau Valley. Thus this project name is Wairu Valley House showing off the modern architecture design in Eucalyptus Saligna timber structure.

Dull and simple appears in the facade exterior where the hyaline swimming pool water fills open air space between the outdoor wooden flooring. Stylish couches are the best furniture to enjoy the warm atmosphere by the pool.

Marvelous scenery of the highland range provides panoramic view that enhances this home magnificence. This fenceless residence has the natural grass and grower neatly supporting the yard setting. Concrete reveals the firmness exterior and gives the dim color contrasting to the surrounding.

Checking into the wooden interior home design, nifty timber assembly covers the floor and the ceiling. The concrete structure stands in between the wooden material. Nice arrangement of the recent model lamps improves the elegance of the timber interior setting.

Stripy scene strikes the eyes within the floor and ceiling pattern sustained by the concrete wall appearance. Borderless space lets the furniture sets exhibit the fashionable and contemporary design promoting the beauty of neoteric interior design.

Clear glass wall installation brings the light and verdant outlook through the transparency. White wall structure intrudes the ligneous interior scene. It collaborates with the concrete wall in stripe texture that becomes the fireplace to cave in under the structure.

In-wall sofa style maximizes the space width. It lets the dining furniture set to fill the centre with a pretty rectangular wooden table mating old-fashioned chairs. Modern kitchen set invades the corner. Wooden cabinetries have the glossy steel countertop in accordance to the refrigerator and oven faces. Wide glass wall makes the cooking time is adorable by showing the outside scenery. It opposes the interior design wooden furniture bold demeanor.

Image By : Parsonson Architects

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