Classic Art Nouveau Decoration for Interior Design

If you are the type of person who loves art so much, then you will know about Art Nouveau decoration. Art Nouveau is one of the most popular arts for the classic looks. There is an apartment that using Art Nouveau for the interior design for the whole rooms in an apartment. The outcome is really artistic, and it’s so hard to find that kind of apartment. You better to know about this apartment.

That picture is showing you the lobby in apartment with Art Nouveau decoration style. You can see the classic furniture in the whole lobby. There are also some classic vases in light blue color, the art nouveau style. The next picture is the living room.

When you are looking at that picture, you might think that the furniture is from the old period, or something like old design. Well, it was actually modern furniture, but the outside looks are Art Nouveau style with light blue color and some art paintings hanging on the wall.

The third picture is the family room. You can guest what kind of color for the family room, right? Yeah, the light blue color is a must for Art Nouveau style. The chairs in the family room are in light blue color. The family room, just like the living room, has so many arts products.

You can see a lot of art paintings are hanging on the wall. There is also the biggest art painting that become wallpaper in one of the side of the family room’s wall. Other furniture in this room is also in classic design with white color or other classic colors.

The last picture is the dining room. In the dining room, you didn’t see any light blue color in the furniture. There are only some art paintings that hanging on the wall. Well, it’s not always blue color. You can use white color too. But in general, Art Nouveau home decor has classic design.

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