Classic Bamboo Interior Design Designed In Jungle Restaurant

Who say that bamboo interior design is not the famous house interior in this modern? The research says that bamboo has the strong material for the house decoration. To make the result, the owner of some restaurant tries to decorate his restaurant with the bamboo decoration, and for development this restaurant has the unique and beautiful design of restaurant.

This unique restaurant design is designed by Beijing-based architecture. For the location of the restaurant is on the top floor of a superstore. Because of this luxury design, many people love to come to this restaurant.

The first bamboo decoration is about the ceiling. Restaurant ceiling has been designed by the crossing bamboo. This decoration make people like entering the cobwebs, because this restaurant has designed like cobwebs style using that bamboo. Besides the ceiling, it is also designed about bamboo wall interior design for the restaurant decoration.

The wall interior decorates the restaurant and makes it look like the jungle. If people who come to this restaurant, they will come to the jungle in the modern style. Therefore, many people love to come to this restaurant for enjoying the jungle restaurant.

Although this has the jungle restaurant concept, this restaurant has many table sets inside restaurant. This restaurant has the elegant design of the seat. This concept makes people feel comfortable to get the meal in this restaurant.

The other furniture, the restaurant has much wood furniture in restaurant, like the table that was made from the wood material. This restaurant has two floor of the building. Therefore, it needs the perfect stair to make people feel enjoy with the restaurant concept. This stair was colored with black color and designed with the glass interior. In sum, this restaurant has been designed bamboo house interior design with glass interior which can make people comfortable with the restaurant design.

Image By : FCJZ Workshop

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