Classic Home Remodel with Stylish and Stunning Interior Design

The most interesting classic home remodel that you can see is the home project by Marianne Brown of White+Gold Design. She makes an interesting home remodeling project of Holladay Home. You have to see how creative and smart Marianne Brown created the home project is, and changed it into a beautiful classic home ever. The interior design of the house is necessary see project that you should know. If you interest with the project, then you can use it as your reference.

The first room of this classic home remodel idea that you should see is the bathroom. You can see a classic bathroom design with stunning appearance. Maybe it is not only an ordinary classic bathroom because you can see something different about the design. You can see the bathroom entrance door is located between two stylish sinks. You cannot find a classic sink design in the bathroom, but you can still feel the classic atmosphere through the bathroom.

The white color dominates the bathroom. You can see brick tile walls at the bathroom and it looks perfect combines with concrete. There are two mirrors with silver frame hanging on the wall with two classic wall lamps at the right and the left of the mirror. You can see pouf bench at the bathroom and it looks insane for some people. This is the strong point of the bathroom design because no one put the pouf bench in the bathroom before.

It has sophisticated bedroom design with blue and white stripes rug design on the floor. You can see hardwood floors around the house. It has classic living room design with a set of tufted sofa design. There is a classic rug on the floor. You have to see many more rooms that represent the beauty of classic home remodel concept in stylish and stunning appearance.

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