Classical Winter House Design Keep Your House Warm with Incredible Design

Located in Alpine Village, Slovenia’s Triglav national park, an elegant winter house design where combination between modern and classic style look so interesting. This house was design by OFIS Arhiteki perfectly with multi house level. Wooden materials which are build this house and lining most part of this house make this house can protect you from the winter. Designed perfectly to keep your house warm inside by using high wooden quality, this is endure from ant climate.

Use big glass window in front of this house that is allow the sun shine entering your house. It is designed like that in order to make your house keep warm and you can feel natural warm from the sun shine. Inside this modern winter house, between dining room and living room there is a fireplace that is will keep your house warm any time. This house consists of living room, kitchen area, dining room, three bedroom, bath and sauna where you can relax and throw away your problem for a moment.

Child bedroom which is look so warm with little space where thick single bed make your child feel comfortable. Wooden floor, classic ceiling and unique wardrobe which are composed this room make this room look so pretty. And for the main bedroom is designed with large space with single bed too. Concept each bedroom in this house almost same, the one which is make these room is different is the size.

Simple and look modern classic that what will you say if you entering bathroom area in this house. This house also have sauna area, where in this area you can relax, enjoy the day and make you feel free, free from any kind of life problem. This modern winter house design use big bath tub which is make you easier to do what you want to do and will make you feel more comfortable.

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