Colorful Apartment Interior to Enhance the Family Mood

Founded in an area of Warsaw, Poland, this apartment is designed with colorful apartment interior of which the cheerful nuance can be really exposed entirely. Designed by HOLA Design, the combination of colors applied in this apartment is impressive. Every room has been designed with its individual character that makes them different one to another. This moderate sized apartment also features the extravagant design which goes beyond the modern interior style.

The start of this description will start from the bright living room. The design might prefer of the post-modern house design which looks unusual to our eyes. The bright wall and ceiling is blended together to remove the unnecessary corners which streamline this room.

This method is seemly to this modern apartment interior as it can expand the airy nuance of this lovely room. The teal accented sofas have been advancing the modern feature of this house since they can give a passionate mode to this bright room. The turquoise light which streams along the corner between the wall and the ceiling is very nice enlivening the design of this comfortable living room.

Behind this lightly living room, you will discover a strong and exiting kitchen. The strong red color covering almost entire surfaces of this kitchen can improve your energy level since the color can stimulate your eyes energetically. However, this color transition between the living room and kitchen looks very gorgeous as the neutral character of the white color can be combined with almost all active color.

Conversely, the bedroom is designed with its own character. You will not find any bright or enlivening colors as red and white since this room has selected its prestigious color preference. The black and golden color is the theme of this bedroom.

The prestigious royal living is served in the modern style of modern design. The small touch of elegant chair with its golden frame color and black seat and chair back contributes to the luxury of this room anyway. Finally, the modern apartment interior design is very wonderful since the color combination is set to increase the mood of each room.

Image By : HOLA Design

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