Colorful Room Interior For The Young People

Using more than two colors in the interior idea is not a bad idea. With more colors, you can make your room looked so unique. Each room interior will get a different touch which will make you feel comfortable. One of the brilliant colorful designs for the interior is used in the Dandelion House project by Loop Design. In this house, you will many colors which are used in each room. The perfect combination makes this house more interesting.

The living room in this house is used green, grey, orange and other colors in it. A long L-shaped sofa is facing the modern fireplace. Above this sofa, there are some green cushions. This grey sofa is also facing the flat screen TV above the fireplace. White wall and ceiling is matched perfectly with the grey tile floor. Completing the contrast in this room interior design, there is a brown wall with wide glass window in it.

A comfortable lather is placed ear the window which make it like a bay seat window. Two modern propellers are installed on the ceiling. A unique brown table is placed in front of the sofa. The kitchen space is also very colorful. Wooden furniture is arranged tidily neat the green wall. Some wooden racks and white cabinets are placed on the wall. Facing the kitchen area, there is a green kitchen island. Black stools are placed ear it.

Next to the kitchen, there is a dining room. Wooden table is used in this dining room. Many brown sofas are placed around the table. On the corner, there is a wooden bay seats window with green lather on it. Some green cushions are also placed on it. Above the dining table there are many small lamps which are arranged tidily from the ceiling. This colorful room interior design 2013 will be suitable for the young people like you.

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