Comfortable Red Bedroom Design with Light Woods and Dim Lighting

Don’t be afraid to have red bedroom design in your home. Red is a brave color. It will cheer you up every single day with this vibrant color. Designing a bedroom in pastel or warm wooden tone is such an ordinary theme. To design a bedroom in red but still makes it as a comfortable place to sleep will need some design advices. The bedroom designs in this article will help you to set your room in comfortable red.

It is a bedroom design by ZigShot82. It is a modern red bedroom design with a space of wardrobe and office. It has wide glass windows on a side of the room and they give natural light during daytimes. Red curtains hang besides the glass windows and look harmonious with the red wall on the head side of the bed. Glossy ivory tiles cover up the bedroom as the floor. With plaid and polka dot rug, they balance the dark red wall.

The designer completes this bedroom with light wooden furniture. They give warm tone that harmonious with the floor and rug. There is a wooden double size bed right in front of the windowed wall. The artist combines white bedcover and red pillows on it and looks calm. Narrow desk with similar tone stands below the windows accordingly the side tables on both sides of the bed.

Red couch and armchair stand on the room side in ivory tone. The couch decorates a side of wardrobe space. Wall mounted book shelf with a lot of books and a reading lamp is patched above the couch. With the dim lighting at night, the use of decorative lamps on the shelves gives luminous accents inside. Similar with the wardrobe side, the office side has dim lighting with book shelves and white rug. The modern bedroom design ideas of this space will give a comfortable feeling and good concentration while working on this side.

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