Complacent Luxurious Residence: Masterpiece of Modern Design Manufacturing

In South Florida has been built up a compound luxurious residence which is fully decorated in contemporary design. Actually, it is a lavish apartment and famously called Jade Ocean. This building has totally manufactured with 50 level which is the top floor has reach over 10.000sqt form the land. The designer has used glass as critical material to impress elegant appearance of this private residential community.

Property, feature, structure and texture are prominent here. Thus, selection of the properties and the other three vital constructions have considered seriously. The goal is, how to make the occupants feel more than waste money to rent one of the rooms and just live, but also make them have private intention with every section inside.

When you enter the building by a car and pass the driveway to search for right parking lot, you will meet the glorious luxurious residence architecture in each section of the car halt. Imagine that after park your car, you could take a sit, enjoy a cup of coffee and pancake whilst savor the never-ending ocean behind the extended glass wall. Hmm… perfect!

The next public area inside this premium residence is the restaurant. Build up in mishmash of classic properties and modern framework, be a pity if you don’t try to stay for a moment inside. Floral white and mellow yellow have chosen to paint the furniture. In the other hand, to accompany the restaurant above, two rooms in similar style and design have manufactured next to this room. They are cafe and lounge, and bar.

Both of these rooms have designed in white hue complete with black accent and golden trim to boost up the modernity and traditionalism in extraordinary mixture. Walk steps closer downwards, you would find peaceful guest room in latest packaging.

Aerodynamic sofa and backless pouf have nicely arranged on sanded limestone flooring. Black tiny has spread on the floor as metal coffee table podium. To highlight the opulence of this luxury apartment building, a ancient black metal chandelier has installed as trendsetter.

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