Complete Facilities Of Amalfi Residence By BGD Architectss

Modern architecture of Amalfi residence will protect the privacy of the owner because the front side of this house is fully covered by the using of wood as the material that is used to make the garage door and the main door of the house. In top side we will see blue glasses windows. You will also find modern architecture in the inside of the house.

Amalfi residence bgd architects offer unique design in the interior house. It can be seen from the design of the main house. In this place, you will see good arrangement of three rooms mixed in one room. There is living room with white versatile sofa in right side of the house.

You will see combination of traditional element of the wood wall and modern element coming from light in the form of rectangle transparent glasses in front of the television. Flat shape of television also gives modern element in decorating house. This room is completely design by the using of pendant lamps and colorful Christmas tree.

The next room is kitchen. The kitchen in this house is fully equipped by cook top in the color of white and refrigerator in the color of black in the left side of cook top. In front of the kitchen there is dinning table that is made from glasses.

Moreover, this house also provides relaxing room for adult in the contrastive colors between black color wall and white versatile sofa. Hangout room is also provided for children with home theater and some poster of animal in the wall.

Unique seat is put in this room with colorful color to make the children enjoy in this place with their friends. To give privilege in this house, there is large space of modern bathroom facing to the outside in the main bathroom. Bgd architects architecture offers complete facilities for your dream house

Image By : Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects)

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