Complete Luxury House that Close with Nature

Hiren Patel Architects has created a luxury house of The Frill in Ahmeabad, India. The home design is absolutely beautiful and you must be in love with this house. This house shows you the exclusive modern residence with glass walls for the living room. When you see the first picture, then you will realize how beautiful the house is. The living room looks phenomenal with floor-to-ceiling glass panels in frameless design. You will see a set of modern sofa design in white color.

The living room looks close to the outdoor area due to the glass panels that replacing the concrete wall function. You have to see more pictures so you will believe that the house is one of the best luxury house designs in modern style that you ever see. You can continue the journey by seeing the dining room. The spacious dining room in modern mid-century style looks beautiful for this house. As you can see from the picture, there is square dining table with sturdy armchairs.

The stylish appearance of the house is still continuing to the corridor area. You will see luxury corridor that leads you the outdoor space or the terrace area. The whole room in this house looks beautiful and expensive with ceramic flooring material. When you go to the side terrace, then you will see modern sitting area with leaves wall ornaments on the wall. The upstairs room is the best place for the family because it has serene atmosphere.

This house is fulfilling with natural light that comes easily through the glass windows. The master bedroom is redefining the concept of comfortable bedroom. You will find relaxing space in the bedroom that covering with the wooden shutters. This two-story home is more than just a building in luxury house designs interior, but it is beyond your expectation about luxurious residence.

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