Contemporary Canadian House Design in Exceptional Structure and Decoration

Collaboration between two famous architects has been produced prodigious Canadian house design in Toronto. Brigitte Shim has be a best partner for Howard Sutcliffe to build up this modern private residence with an assist from Dr. James Stewart.

Wood has taken over every part of the building construction as “boss”. In fact, the entire part of the building has built on 6000sqm ground. Floor-follow the ceiling construction is mostly used as center shot instead of symmetrical, curve and stackable form.

Talk about the Canadian home design plans, what makes this residence looks different with the other is interior decoration and manufacturing. Multilayered wall has used to create intimacy in every detail of the house visualization both of inside and outside the building.

Wavy lattice work that is created from mixture of sanded slab of timber and glass has produced perfect layer in detail for extreme anti-mainstream structure. Smooth and elegant is what has created by light color and bright appliance which is applied inside in whole part of the house.

Enough speechless with the processed framework, now, surely you would stop and stare in front of the staircase. Floating, floating is what you will see. How it could looks like floating? It is because the staircase construction doesn’t have any sustainer or clamp. Cool! Then, materials which have used to build up the stair are a combination between frosted glass as stair railing and cement as step.

Actually, this stair has connected the first floor with the level above. If the stair is floating, you would be surprised of what have done to the second ground, floating also. Yea, the striking squared-pillars which are sustaining every essential part of the ceiling also exploited as second level block. To make it more flexible, bold wood has chosen as base structure for this level. If you are interesting in this house manufacturing, you may check this transitional Canadian house plans with photos in the internet.

Image By : Shim Sutcliffe

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