Contemporary Concrete House Hasharon 1 in Grey Accents

Designing concrete house will be related to the design of contemporary house. Here is the Hasharon House 1 that will be reviewed as inspiration. The house is a kind of contemporary house that is located in Israel. Sharon Neuman Architects as Rishpon-based studio had designed this house in grey color accents. They are also designed in volume building design. Yeah, this volume building covers 2,200 square foot area.

Here are following the designs and details of the house included in the pictures. The concept of concrete house plans in this house is the way to make the living room seen in contemporary. This house is a two-level building with some cubes applied.

This house is located in urban area with many houses surrounded. The wall concrete style is also combined with some horizontal and vertical shutter a windows to get the lights. That is the exterior design of this house.

Now, how is the interior design of this house? They are designed in high ceiling design as seen in living room. Besides, the furniture applied also supports the room to be high and spacious. They are in the medium grey sofa with a short modular wooden table.

To accompany the sofa, they apply two black and red porcelain iconic chairs. The decorations in that room include four round long chandeliers and wall ornament. It is also impressive to get look at the panel separating to the dining area. It is floating panel with bottom side perforated.

The design of the other rooms is also designed in great nuance by applying some furniture made of wood, porcelain, and other combination. The design that is provided in this article wall helps us to have further decoration and great ornaments. We can enjoy more concrete house plans designs that are in this article to be one of the inspiring ideas.

Image By : Sharon Neuman Architects

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