Contemporary Simple House with White and Black Design Ideas

This is an examination of a beautiful simple house done by SAMI Arquitectos, called the House CZ. The House CZ is a Portuguese residence that is located in Sao Roque do Pico, Ilha do Pico, Açores, Portugal. You will love to spend your days here. Why? You could enjoy great green scenery given by the circumstances and enjoy the fresh air with no pollution. Yes, because this dwelling was built detachedly from the urban life. Let’s walk around the house!

Before we are get into the house, better for us to know the building first. This house is separated into 4 main areas, which are located in 4 different buildings. All of the buildings have black exterior paint with vertical wooden boards pattern. Lots of spacious glass windows are applied on the wall. They could help you to enjoy the views even more. This is a great idea given by the simple house design, isn’t it?

Now we are in the kitchen. This dining area is clean and simple, touched with a little look of nature. The walls are clean in white, while the flooring is painted in grey. To complete the furnishing, the designer put a generous wooden dining table and its 6 wooden chairs together on the floor. There, a chest wooden cabinet is also stuck on the wall. As the enlighten items, two hanging pendants with black covers are available above the table with their yellow lights.

Move from the dining room, now this is the living room. Still simple and modern with white and black combination. The walls are black, and the ceiling is white. A spacious white sofa with cushions is available there, complete with a simple wooden table, white carpet, and a TV on a black cabinet too.

There is no other way to enjoy your beautiful life but stay here in every single time. If you need to copy these ideas, you can have them by looking at the pictures. Also here the simple house design plans are available for you.

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