Contemporary Sustainable Home Plans Inviting Nature in the Dwelling

Modern architecture tends to accord the idea of sustainable home plans which employs the nature to carry on the demeanor in human living cave. Greenery helps to perform the exterior charm with the fresh leaves and neat garden arrangement. Wooden wall design also the best solution to grant natural element touch in the construction. Glass element allows the sun radiance abundantly reaching the inner space.

Open space room style presents the latest fashion of sustainable home plans designs by applying wide door to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Alternatively, clear glass wall provides a transparent wall to make the outside view joining the interior design.

Green garden supports this kind of home design. The beauty of natural green indirectly decorates the living room enhancing the indoor area atmosphere. Excellent lighting technique also exudes brilliant architecture design which the illumination is neatly arranged creating tenderness and romantic view on the building design.

Creation of open floor area comprises the house fusion style with the surrounding. This un-walled room provides a space for loafing in the open air. Placing a tree in or by this area magnifies the freshness and flexibility of sustainable architecture.

Smart architect even builds camouflaging residence by setting the roof as a big planter for green grass or any plants to grow vividly upon the dwelling. This design needs advance detailing and must comply with the terrain condition.

Urban living commonly does not have enough space to bring the green and natural touch inside the building. Vertical garden and modern planter design ideas may inspire the city inhabitant to catch the nature living in the interior and evoking the grandeur of creative room management.

Moreover, if it is available to set a small garden in the middle of building, indoor yard design can present many sustainable house plans designs for contemporary urban residence style to keep the green view trapped within the living room.

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