Contemporary Three Story House with Elegant Panorama

One of the rarely house designs that used for the houses nowadays is three story house. Some of the people are enjoy living in the spacious house and less stories. So, three stories are sounding much too many. The Warringah House in Sydney, Austria, is the exceptional from that kind of issue. The designers from Corben Architects are showing a great contemporary three story house with nice view.

That picture is the picture from the front side of the house. We can see the three story house designs are using waterfront concept and all-windows concept. The pool that is welcoming guests once they come in to the front yard is the waterfront concept.

There is a wooden pathway that leading us to the house’s entrance. You can see all furniture inside the house thanks to the windows that become like walls in the house. This house was using timber battened garage and metal framed entry gate. So, even though this house is using transparent windows in all the places, this house can keep its privacy.

This house is spacious house. In the first floor, you can find the living room, kitchen, bedroom, garage, powder room, even hall. In the second floor, you have more privacy with just bedrooms and bathrooms; meanwhile, the third floor is the rooftop area.

This house is using woods as the main materials. The stones were also used to add some nature atmosphere inside the house. The furniture is not in one color concept. There are so many colors inside the house such as orange, red, and brown.

The main design for this house is contemporary design. You will see less decoration for this kind of house, but great view from the environment. The garden in the back yard and side yard are full with greenery. This three story house plans for nature environment is a great choice.

Image By : Corben Architects

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