Cool Beach House with Waterfront View of Mediterranean Sea

It is very pleasurable moment living in a beach house during vacation. As long as you can see, there is waterfront view to refresh your mind. Just forget your burden about busy working in the office for a while, what you need is enjoying fresh atmosphere in here.

Well, such comfortable place you can find in the villa situated in the coastal area of Mediterranean Sea. From the distance, you can see the Malgrat Islands separated by Aegean Sea. This site is just perfect with magnificent landscape of the nature surroundings.

Exactly located in Santa Posa region, Mallorca, between Puerto Adriano port and the Nautical Club Santa Ponsa, this modern villa contains sophisticated things in its white interior design. The designers take the advantage of the natural view around it to complete the beach house decor. It is reflected on glass walls as the main facade to get the spectacular outside view.

That will be so fantastic seeing blue water of the beach, birds flying above the water, as well as other houses around it. Sunlight may also penetrate this place easily. The collaboration between white paint and clear glass call peace and calm ambience inside the house.

To make it more interesting, blue colors touch room decoration excellently. They are not going too much by giving little splash for the some parts like fabrics, dining chairs, and abstract paintings. Blue is not alone in running the accent. The interior also has black color to beauty the interior. Luckily that white is neutral, so those two accents make it balance. Meanwhile, the luxury appears in the kitchen thanks to the shiny metal furniture. Look at its countertop, it is very gleaming added by the natural light illuminating in.

Have a nice sleeping in this villa! When you wake up, you will get fresher by directly seeing beautiful scenery right in front of you. Perhaps, you got awakened by the waves as well. And, don’t let every single beauty away; going outside for swimming gives you different sensation. Located in the outdoor, it makes you being unified with the nature. Sunbathing here while salty air touching your body, it sounds interesting! Because of these beach house decor ideas, you must want to stay here much longer.

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