Cool Contemporary Furniture Reflected in Modern Table Balka Console

It sounds wonderful having contemporary furniture in your modern house. Extraordinary shape in unique design will be yours when you take this kind of artistic thing as your home decoration. You can find such beauty in Balka Console. It is a contemporary table which has multifunction; as the real table, as the tray, and as the part of decor. Gregoire de Lafforest through Project Assistant Grant envisions this product to give the distinctive design for your interior.

Unlike common modern tables, this contemporary furniture design use oak wood base. Its countertop looks rustic with natural material in well finished. The shape has indentations on its sides for artistic touch. Moreover, the designer holes the middle part connected to the drawer underneath. What a surprise! You can keep your stuffs like keys, batteries, torchlight, or candles in it. To get it back, you just down the drawer to open. Besides, this yellow bag drawer also gives stunning look for the table. It is so practical, right?

The more details you can see in this sophisticated table is about its legs. It consists of four legs made of solid plastics in black color. They are formed in A-type design and get strict by the horizontal line. But even so, this kind of table’€™s buffer supports the countertop very well. The combination is unsual, and it is purposely designed to unified two based materials into clean look furniture. Its simplicity really completes the performance to be more stylish and cool. To make the table perfect, you may put ornaments such as mini giraffe sculpture, magazines, and even photographs. Those things will enliven the modern table better.

You must be questioning where to put the table in your home. Well, actually it is very appropriate to be set on the living room or your private room. Why? The reason is the table may contain your important stuffs like keys or note book. Of course you don’€™t want others to easily find them. Then, it is better placed in your own room. Meanwhile, you may also set it as the decorating idea for gathering room. Putting the stuffs used in everyday life helps other family member to find the thing. Its purpose depends on you. This contemporary modern furniture is not joking in making your home more decorative.

Image By : Gregoire de Lafforest

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