Cool Contemporary Residence in Modern Retro Style Brings Elegance

As a part of modern houses, this contemporary residence gives distinctive style among the old architectures where it is. The rooms containing pale monochromatic paints have been changed to be more decorative because of colorful decoration.

This is Trinity Bellwoods Town+Homes located in Toronto, Canada, that comes up in brighter expression. Thanks to the excellent idea by Toronto-based Cecconi Simone who tones the interior design using modern retro style. Let’s go further to find more surprising things in here.

Visiting this townhouse situated in 956 square feet place is really impressive. This contemporary residence design is very different from common houses that use luxurious furniture in sophisticated design to have glamorous look. On the contrary, here, you will find sophistication appears from the simplicity reflected on its room decoration as well as its architectural building. The house doesn’t have many ornaments for artistic impression, but prefer to set charming furniture that gets along with its functional.

This place becomes more interesting with yellow splash. It makes the ambience cheerful and really expressive. Moreover, such color is just flexible to be applied both in modern contemporary or rustic design. Very good choice to match yellow with other elements reflecting retro design!

As seen in the living room; unique yellow carpet looks like the wall paint spilling out to the floor. The table in rigid frame is so cool placed on it. Dealing with contemporary style, the planks of home address number decorates the plain white wall. Meanwhile, yellow accents also invade the cushion fabrics, contemporary photograph, and even trivial things in the kitchen. Then, it is called as the power of yellow to beautify the interior.

Don’t stop at this point, you must see how wonderful lighting fixtures enlightening the rooms. Retro standing lamp with tube cover attracts much attention in the living room. Beautiful pendant lamp in 3D geometrical cover is very chic. Its unusual shape looks unique and simple. For the sleeping time, long pendant lamps make the bedroom cozy. What else can you find in this house? You may have such contemporary interior design ideas too in your own place.

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